Friday, March 4, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

im about to go H.A.M (high as mariah)

people say we fell off, we aint nicca. U jus can't read. This goes out to all the haters and baby mommaz out there come get yours. Les go! I brought an old dog back from the dead to spit at u catz one time...TORETTO BABY

ayo its ya boy toretto still bald as a eagle, doin up regals, biggin up mah people
doin everything under the sun that aint legal (LOLZ)
yo i heard people sayin come hit this is dead, where dey at where dey at,
all you hear is my piece go rat a tat tat,
where the fuck is they at?
runnin scared like whites run from blacks! (jus playin)
you cant touch my raps
they so hot and heavy they make rubben studder momma think she shouldve used a rubber
mutha fucka, man lova
i caught these homo haters touchin and swearin they were brothers
ayo so the blog is probably done, put a fork in it
you need an oscar? put mickey rourke in it
i think ive hadit with blog and some im done im outie
you noe i like artie chicks, big dix, pastey tasties, rap annd other shit...tell em something they don't noe about me!

(you can rap these raps to this beat)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have Yo Self a Merry Little Christmas

Well the Christmas/Festivus season is upon us again. Now if you remember one of us is not to fond on this idea, i'm not even gona try and hide it n shit its Prez. Now while non of i'm not super keen on the idea of Christmas (probably from the whole detached state thing) i felt a little responsible to teach Prez the true meaning of Christmas!

Alright i'm too ceebs to write something made sleezy or something to cheesy (unintentional rap) so i just thought i would post this one small video which shows that "hey if they can celebrate Christmas why can't". So Prez i hope this gets you in the spirit! ANOTHER FESTIVUS MIRACLE!

All for all you cheese dicks out there heres some shit to fill yo stocking, i decided to count down the top 3 "youtube singing asian chicks" thats are sick right now. And they go something like this...

3. aprillex3

Alright this chick can sing pretty good and plays alright, BUT think about it she sings both the girl and guy's part in this song. Though i noe she doesn't change her voice but the emotions there...right?AHA!

2."Hi my name is June"

I like this cover alright! Come at my bro! For the true gems of thsi video scroll down and read the comments, these dicks are even cheesier than me...

1.Hip Hop is in the house!

AHHHHH Shit. here we go check check. This is the shit right herre! And with that we have a clear winner.

So happy XMAS all you keen readers, let all your dreams come true! (i'm joking but like being real at the same

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Real World (AHA!)

WOAH THATS SOMEEE GOODDD THUGG PASSION! Anyways I thought i would have a little speesh about the "Real World", but not to make it mad serious or wateves i decided to make this post more about wat i am looking forward to about the real world.

Now to create some sense out of this post the "real world" is the world outside of university where you'ren main priorities become your job and your loved ones, where the week can be divided between 9-5 weekdays and causal 'furniture shopping ikea seshs' on weekends (who doesn't go to ikea for the food? HUH?). And the reason i decided to make this about 'wat i look forward too' is because if you noe you me i tend to dread the real world like prez dreads fish curry (or indy dreads the women's revolution LOL). I decided to take a different approach to this, because hey maybe some things are good about the real world, maybe the clouds are lined with silver, maybe i will rack up at Kabir's...


Nothing affirms a man like his wrist accessory, plastic shit is for 'just borns', beads are for hippies, handcuffs are for 'mah OG niccas' and watches are for men. I started sporting one this year and i gotta say that the amount of times i have said 'u mirin brah' has double folded.

Mad Real World Parties

No more Jimmy gutter seshs from now on. Now house parties aren't a invitation to get trashed but to try some of that braised lamb 'real world chick' learnt off masterchef and to sip some aged wine (aged 5 years, we're not that rich). The word swig will coincidentally die.

Real World Money

I like the carefree lifetsyle i live now, but mann i need some of that real world cheese. I needs some of that drop a hundred like a oprah drops weight money. I need some of that so many got change for a fifty money, i need a degree in comm/law!

The End of The Week

I can't wait for this part! to blow off steam after a week of work, to go hard and ball outta control having a 'titty bar crawl' and eventually ending up in a coke den kinda of shit. To Wake up on Saturday with nothing but a headache, a tattoo of Tupac with a halo, and a keeness for the next friday night.

Structure and Responsibility

LOL deep much.


This is a culmination of everything i sorta mentioned above. Some of us went to one of these last week and while it was sweet, joyous and delicious (schnitzel the size of yo forhead!' it was also a bit starnge to see what '20somethings' are like and how they dress. While it was weird i am sure that we all will eventually be like these people sooner or later, how inevitable/extensional.

So yea thats about it, BIGS UP you 20 something year old readers and i'll cya in the "real world".COMEHITHIS!!!

P.S. if you have other things you are looking forward to just chuck it in the comments box below, i might do a part 2 to this so watch out.!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day in the life of a Comm/Law Student

recently i transferred degrees to comm/law and had to made a video for a class. andy helped me.